By K Krishna Murty

Right here we've got scientists who ignored Nobel Prize and people whom Nobel ignored. A Nobel Prize presented to Pauling used to be branded as an insult! yet he's the single one to obtain unshared Nobels. Bardeen back to Swedish king for an additional Nobel as though to satisfy past promise. paradoxically an Agricultural Scientist got a Nobel Peace Prize. sure! what's peace with out meals? An anguished Barbara Mc Clintock refused to submit her papers, yet Nobel committee came across her. Then we have now scientists who obtained awards in felony cells, scientists who made discoveries within the felony cells. Tesla used to be thrown out of his labs, cheated via one other nice guy yet his alternating present runs our houses now. Carlson went from pillar to put up together with his photocopy laptop and it's now the Xerox. Townes had a revelation for LASER on a park bench. whilst Maiman made it sensible, a Hollywood actress, Bette Davis puzzled whether it is a demise Ray. medications from Jenner, Pasteur etc consigned a few illnesses to background. If merely Subba Rao had lived many years extra, he may have killed a few extra ailments. A trio of scientists remodeled the 20 th century by means of inventing the transistor. To best it, a scientist who was once no longer allowed to head on a vacation invented the microchip. "New York occasions" reversed its ridicule ladled out on a rocket scientist after forty years merely after guy landed at the moon. a faculty instructor testified within the courtroom to save lots of his outdated scholar, Fansworth for his rightful invention, the tv. Davy brazenly declared his scholar as his maximum discovery, Michael Faraday! you will have all of them! This name comprises biographies that train and entertain too.

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He placed it on top of a zinc plate coated with sulfur. The room was darkened. The sulfur was charged by rubbing with hand kerchief and was lit with a bright light for a few seconds. Then the sulfur surface was covered with spores of fungus, lycopodium. When the fungus was blown off, there it was - an almost exact mirror image. The image was preserved with a wax paper. It sounds amazing but that was the beginning of disappointment and frustration for Carlson. Every single company rejected his invention.

Finally turning point came when in 1944 he came into contact with Battelle Corporation, a non-profit organisation devoted to sponsoring new inventions. Battelle soon got the Haloid Company to further develop the 46 concept. Exactly ten years after Carlson's first successful experiment, the Battelle and Haloid made the first public announcement of Xerography on 22nd October, 1948. A professor suggested the name Xerography from the Greek words 'xeros' for dry and 'graphos' for writing. Haloid officially changed their name to Haloid Xerox, and finally to Xerox in 1961.

56 Hoffman had a penchant for discovery and in the next two weeks of discovering Aspirin, he developed another potent drug, Heroin. With a view to develop a cough remedy, Hoffmann acetylated morphine hoping to produce codeine; he ended up with Heroin. It was extensively sold as cough remedy, to relieve the pain of childbirth and injuries. Bayer produced a ton a year selling it as tablets, cough lozenges, pastilles, etc. By 1913, as negative reports were mounting on Heroin, Bayer stopped its production.

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