By Paul Iselin Wellman

The geared up gangs of robbers and killers who roamed the Midwest and Southwest from the 1860s to the Nineteen Thirties went to a similar university and have been succored by way of every one other's notoriety. So Paul I. Wellman makes a case for "the contagious nature of crime." William Quantrill and his guerrillas tested a legal culture that was once to hyperlink the James, Dalton, Doolin, Jennings, and cook dinner gangs; Belle and Henry Starr; beautiful Boy Floyd; and others in "a lengthy and crooked educate of unbroken own connections."

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When, in the darkness of night, the Kansas raiders, led by Ball, approached the place, Morgan Walker, who had only just returned home from a business trip that day, met them at the door. " The Jayhawkers were all armed, and Walker was not. He con- Page 29 sented to their taking any Negroes who were willing to go, asking, however, that those who did not want to go be allowed to remain. He also mildly protested against their robbing him of his money and stealing his horses and mules. At this point Quantrill, who had been standing on the porch with the others, stepped into the house.

Out of the dislocations of that conflict grew a wave of lawlessness that transcended all expectations in the length of time it lasted, and in the number of successive generations in which it perpetuated itself as a noteworthy dynasty of outlawry. From the first essays into crime by William Clarke Quantrill to the death of Pretty Boy Floyd before the guns of the FBI, three quarters of a century was spanned. In all that time there never was an hour when some connection, evident or latent, did not exist between one set of outlaws and the next, which would succeed it in the Quantrill legacy of crime.

The men used the red sheepskins as leggings, and these red leggings later became a sort of article of uniform for Jennison's raiders. "Red Leg" was by no means a term of endearment in Missouri then, nor is it today. Page 22 federate Army, and a celebrated newspaper editor in Missouri after the war, wrote in the Kansas City Times, May 12, 1872: Quantrell3 might be likened to a blond Apollo of the prairies. His eyes were very blue, soft and winning.  . If there is a race born without fear, Quantrell belonged to it .

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