By Albert Schweitzer (author), Charles R. Joy (editor)

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At the man very In this period of happens, thinking to is not need humanity the ideals giving thinking deepest Is that our overwhelmed. it needs so that it may not be this destiny? I hope not. I believe not. are all carrying within us a new we will give us ethical ideals. I think that in our age form of thought which [Religion, p. 1520] Thinking Drops the Tiller In modern thinking the same thing happens as in religion. Thinking drops the tiller from its hand in the middle of the storm. It renounces the idea of giving to human beings ideals by the help of which they can get on with reality.

And understand how small our earth is in to the stars Look upon earth and know how minute man The earth existed long before man came upon it. upon In the history of the universe, man is on earth for but a the universe. is second. it. Who the sun once knows but that the earth will circle round more without man upon it? Therefore we must not place man in the center of the universe. And our gaze must be fixed on the barred windows of a lunatic asylum, in order that we may remember the terrible fact THE SANCTUARY OF THOUGHT that the mental and spiritual are also liable to destruction.

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