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A whole source jam-packed with history details, Cross-Curricular actions and video games, Library and net hyperlinks, paintings tasks, & a Play contains Poster-Map!Bring the wealthy tradition of historical Greece into your lecture room (and stimulate scholar studying) with attractive actions and video games that contain enjoyable and significant considering! scholars turn into specialists on historical Greece as they play a polis method online game, argue a case in an Athenian trial, map out ancient websites alongside the Aegean coast, enact a scene from Antigone, try-on Golden Age models, and masses extra! Plus a full-color map of historic Greece.

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Ancient Greece (Grades 4-8)

An entire source choked with heritage info, Cross-Curricular actions and video games, Library and web hyperlinks, artwork tasks, & a Play contains Poster-Map! carry the wealthy tradition of historic Greece into your lecture room (and stimulate pupil studying) with enticing actions and video games that contain enjoyable and significant considering!

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The recipe is easy: Put the (presumably live) grasshoppers in a covered pan coated with olive oil and lightly brown them. h MATERIALS ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Greek Treats (page 31) HERE’S HOW h Ancient Greece © Sean Stewart Price, Scholastic Teaching Resources Whether they were eating grasshoppers or not, Greeks knew how to live it up at a meal. A large feast, called a symposium, was a great chance for men—and only men—to get together to talk, drink wine, and eat delicacies, such as eel. But the day-to-day Greek diet was pretty monotonous by modern standards, made up primarily of bread and supplemented mostly by fruits and vegetables.

See if they can identify any patterns among their choices of food. They should be able to identify common foods that most students in class eat. 2 List on the board some of the following ingredients ancient Greeks would have had available to them: eggs; olives; figs; nuts; grapes; apples; pears; cheese and milk (sheep and goat products); salt; olive oil; vinegar; fish (including eel and anchovies); pork; honey; barley; wheat (imported from other countries); and wild herbs and spices, such as garlic, leeks, dill, and fennel.

Creon: I am glad to hear you say that, son. You would not want to marry such a girl. A bad relative is like a festering wound. And besides, we cannot appear to be giving in to the wishes of a mere woman. Chorus: Your words are wise, sir. Haemon: However, I have heard, Father, that the people of Thebes secretly support Antigone. They think she has behaved nobly and upheld her family duties. If you showed mercy, they would almost surely support you. Chorus: These are also wise words, sir. Creon: Am I to be taught by this mere boy?

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