By Al Santini

Cutting-edge automobile technicians desire a thorough realizing of electric ideas and digital platforms to provider glossy autos. With this booklet, you could discover how car electronics paintings, the function they play in a vehicle's general operation, how and why technicians use try out tools, and customary analysis and service methods. The textual content presents a superior grounding within the basics of electrical energy and electronics, providing you with the basis you want to grasp complex issues reminiscent of batteries, beginning and charging platforms, ignitions, and electric add-ons. useful checking out strategies are lined to boot, together with using either universal store instruments and hugely technical gear. The textual content additionally contains up to date insurance of present structures, instruments, and J1930 terminology.

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We discussed the amount of work done by the amount of current. The more current flowing, the more work accomplished. With this in mind, answer the following question: Which component has the greatest resistance, a taillight bulb or a starter motor? If you said taillight bulb, you were correct. Let us think 24 Chapter 3 G Et i Figure 3-8 The size of the load and its resistance are not equaI. through this example together. Which component is doing the least amount of work? The taillight is. This then means that it must be drawing the least current, and Ohm’s Law says that if the current is down, the resistance must be up.

Neither Technician A nor Technician B 2. A scanner allows the technician to look at A. resistance. C. PCM information. B. current flow. D. battery functions. Working as an Electricity/Electronics Technician 15 3. Before working on or near the SRS system, the technician should A. determine if any TSBs are applicable. C. disconnect the SRS. D. all of the above B. look up the wiring diagram and repair information available. 4. Static electricity can A. cause a component to not C. not do damage to automotive components.

Equal to the wattage of the circuit. Chapter 3 28 4. Current is measured in A. ohms. c. amps. B. volts. D. watts. 5. Resistance is measured in A. ohms. c. amps. B. volts. D. watts. 6. Electrical pressure is measured in A. ohms. c. amps. B. volts. D. watts. 7. The amount of work that is accomplished in a circuit is measured in A. ohms. c. amps. B. volts. D. watts. 8. A complete circuit is a path that includes a source, insulated conductors, and a load. A. True B. False 9. An insulator allows the easy transfer of electrons.

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