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Fifteen video games for Atari pcs, able to kind in and luxuriate in. Arcade video games and studying video games together with the easiest from Compute journal plus many never-before-published video games and chapters on the right way to boost your individual video games

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POSITION 4,4:? #6; "['1:1:;';;1": POSITION 6,6:? POSITION 7,8:? #6;"t a 9 " FOR 1=O TO 3:SETCOLOR 1,1,14-1*2 :NEXT I FOR 1=1 TO 50:POKE 53274,PEEK(53 770):POKE 53279,0:POKE 712,PEEK( 5377fl): NEXT I GOSUB 760:REM INITIALIZE CHSET A ND MACHINE LANGUAGE GRAPHICS 1+16:DL=PEEK(560)+256tP EEI< (561 ) +4 A=USR(1536,CHSET/256} SETCOLOR 4,0,14:SETCOLOR 3,15,8: SETCOLOR 0,2,10:SETCOLOR 2,9,6 SCR=PEEK(DL)+256tPEEK(DL+l)+40 POKE DL-l,7+64 POKE DL+2,PEEK(DL+2)+128 FOR 1=1 TO 120 P=SCR+30+INT(388tRND(0»:IF PEEK (P) THEN 1310 POKE P,5+128:NEXT I FOR PLR=0 TO 1 POSITION 6,0:?

Then, to open up the maze, we just have to PEEK (into screen memory) the eight characters surrounding the player 41 Part Two Th e more success YO Ii have, th e //'lore of th e maze Y OLI see. character, and if the PEEKed character is an "invisible wall," replace it with a visible wall. Scoring is provided with RTCLOCK, Atari's realtime clock, which is found at location 18, 19, and 20. These are used in the opposite of the normal LSB/MSB order. Chaining all three locations together will give the current "jiffy time" since the machine was turned on, measured in sixtieths of a second: JIFFY =PEEK(20) + PEEK(19)*256 + PEEK(18)*65536 Since location 18 only ticks every once in a long while, you can leave it out for most measurements.

Another way of saving memory, and speeding up execution, is to pack as many statements on a program line as will fit. Also, look at the Atari BASIC listing and notice how the program is structured (the BASIC A + version is structured somewhat differently). Many people group their subroutines at the bottom of the program. But when Atari BASIC encounters a GOSUB, it starts at the top of the program and searches downward for the target line number. Subroutines which are called often, and which need to be executed fast, should be grouped at the top of the program.

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