By Jason Cockcroft

What in case your mom have been hit by way of a bus? And what in case your father disappeared in the future via a gap within the rest room wall? Is there how to swap the process your life's historical past? What if time moved during this astonishing debut novel, Jason Cockcroft has crafted a mind-bending experience with a startlingly unique narrative constitution.

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The mantra of Mr. Henry Cobbe. Nathan felt a guilty pang as he watched the spangle of distant traffic through the Henry-shaped hole in the bathroom wall. I should do something, he thought. But what? He wondered whether he should call the police. But he’d seen enough TV to know they weren’t interested until twentyfour hours had elapsed. And besides, what would he tell them? That his dad had been blasted through two feet of concrete? And then it came to him. As the kettle boiled, he switched off the TV and turned out the lights.

It had been two-thirty all day. Nathan felt very alone. He was about to go look for a police officer when his eye was caught by a scarlet shadow on the top deck of the bus as it pulled away. There was no doubt about it now. He hadn’t imagined it. It was the Beefeater, Bartleby. He was on the bus! 42 chapter seven THE 230 TO THE EMBANKMENT Perhaps it was the sudden realization that he was alone in the world, or perhaps Nathan’s mind had finally snapped, but seeing the Beefeater, Nathan felt his hopes inexplicably soar.

That’s it. Of course, yes. I’m a lunatic. ” the Beefeater said. “Perhaps I did. . ” He rolled his black eyes. They were so black that Nathan thought he could see his own reflection flash in them. 27 counter clockwise The Beefeater gave him a sly smile. ” he said. “Never mind. You go and find your father. Go home. ” Nathan flinched from the Beefeater’s smile. “Thanks. I will,” he said, stepping back to the safety of the hallway. “Unless . . ” Nathan stopped. ” he said. The Beefeater’s head appeared around the side of the door.

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