By Bryan Dawson 

Prima retains You ALIVE* specialist classes take you from the fundamentals to the complex techniques.* complete circulate lists for all characters!* The paintings of Fighting--strategies to convey your scuffling with talents to a complete new level.* broad personality research: top juggles, best/worst match-ups, offensive and protecting strategies.* on-line play information to get you into the global neighborhood, and continue you aggressive!

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With proper spacing achieved by backing away from your opponent and forcing them to make a mistake by whiffing an attack, Kokoro can punish them and go right back on the offensive. Kokoro is one of the few characters in Dead or Alive 4 with an attack that covers a decent distance and allows you to kick off your offense. Use her Ryogi-Chu to punish whiffs and also create an opening for you to go back on the offensive. After your opponent has been knocked into the wall, use RyogiChu, BanteiRensui, and Tsuhai-Shiki to vary your attacks against the wall and keep your opponent guessing.

Some fighting game fans refer to this as turtling: it’s basically the art of waiting for your opponent to make the first move. Bass is a big guy and won’t beat out many attacks, especially from the faster characters. However, with a properly timed Buffalo Rage or Power Gong, Bass can interrupt high punches, kicks, and throws and go right back on the offensive. To do this, he needs some room to work, since both of these attacks have a relatively slow start-up time. If you’re fighting against an aggressive opponent that won’t let you stay back and patiently wait for an opening, you can use Bass’s offensive holds to break down your opponent’s attack and give Bass some room to breathe.

He followed his Master’s wishes and searched for three years. Three years is such a long time, and to have it turn out to be for nothing! Now, with nothing to lose, Brad continues to wander. If he roams enough, certainly he will run into someone to fight…. Character Profile Fighting Style: Zui Ba Xian Quan Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Birthday: September 10 Age: 30 Blood Type: O Height/Weight: 182 cm/76 kg or 6’0”/168 lbs Body Size: B115 cm, W80 cm, H91 cm or B45”, W31”, H36” Occupation: Unemployed Favorite Foods: Drinking Hobbies: Game of Go, Chinese Fiddle Character Rating Offense: 7 Defense: 7 Evasion: 9 Ground Game: 9 Wall Game: 5 Learning Curve: 10 Overall: 7 Unique Attacks Name Notation Tenshin-Chu , , Ren-Dokki , , Ren-Senpu , ,D+ Tessa , ,X+ Getsuga-Rencho ,D+ Katsumen-Tai , , Senshin-Getsuga D+ ,D+ Soko-Chogeki D+ , Ren-Chowan C+ , Kyuho-Toda c+ , Kyuho-Toda c+ Suiho-Chogeki W+ Yakuza-Ren-Koshu E+ , Keppo-Sokuto Z+ , Ren-Sokuto Z+ , Koso D,D+ Senshin-Choto X,C,D+ Honshin-Jokaku-Zengeki X,Z,A+ Sokusen-Getsuga W,W+ Renken-Kosotai Hold , , or X,X+ ,X+ , Senpu, Zenku D+ , Zenteki, Senpu-Kyaku C+ ,D+ Zenteki, Ren-Chowan C+ , Hisui-Senkyaku W+ Taishin-Zenku-Hontetsu Q+ , Tantai, Shoshi-Suiteki X+ , Tantai, Senpu X+ , Zenso-Tai Z+ ,x+ Renkan-Bokko Z+ , Sentai-Zachi D,D+ Toshin-Dantai A,A+ , , ,X+ Protected by copyright.

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