By Robert D. Morrison, Brian L. Murphy

Environmental forensics is the applying of clinical options for the aim of picking the resource and age of a contaminant. during the last numerous years, this learn has been increasing as a process examine in academia, executive and advertisement markets. the united states Environmental security business enterprise (EPA), Federal Bureau of research (FBI), and Federal Emergency administration corporation (FEMA) are between the Read more...

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Et al. (1997). "Nomenclature of Amphiboles: Mineralogy, D. , Mineralogical Society of Report of the Subcommittee on Amphiboles of the InterAmerica, Washington, DC, pp. 279-324. , R A. Kuntze, and R A. Clifton (1984). "A DefiMinerals and Mineral Names", Canadian Mineralogist, nition for Asbestos", Definitions of Asbestos and Other 35, pp. 219-246. Health-Related Silicates, ASTM STP 834, B. , Lee, R. , D. R. Van Orden, and I. M. Stewart (1999). American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia, pp.

The grades are presented in terms of the percentage which would be retained on 1/2-inch, 4-mesh, and 10-mesh screens. A grade of 4 4 - 4 4 - 9 - 3 (grade 3K) indicates 44% longer than 1/2-inch, 44% between 1/2-inch and 4-mesh, 9% between 4- and 10-mesh, and 3% finer than 10-mesh. Recognizing problems with established protocols for the analysis of raw materials, several states in the United States have issued their own PLM methods, the use of which is required by state regulation. California issued method CARB 435 (CARB, 1991) for use in determining the asbestos content in road aggregate.

P. J. Clark, and J. R. Millette (1994). "Determination of Asbestos Structures Over 10 ^jim in Length Frangaise de Normalisation, January 1996. 2, EPA/600/ Anonymous (2000). "A General Location Guide fro UltraR-94/134. mafic Rocks in California—Areas More Likely to Contain Naturally Occurring Asbestos", Open File Report 2000-19, CARB (1991). "Determination of Asbestos Content in Serpentine Aggregate", California Air Resources Board, Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and GeolMethod 435, June 6, 1991.

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