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The exudate attracts water, causing swelling in the affected area. Usually the body removes various exudates with its circulatory and lymphatic systems. When the body’s immune response is altered by disease, extreme fatigue, or other predisposing factors as mentioned above, resolution of the inflamed area is slow to occur. If the affected area does not heal properly, an abscess can form. Symptoms of an abscess vary according to location. Fever and pain can be present while dysfunction of an organ system sometimes is the symptom.

The practical significance of this fact is that, as the velocity of particles in a cyclotron begins to approach the speed of light, those particles start to fall “out of sync” with the current change that drives them back and forth between dees. Two different modifications-or a combination of the two-can be made in the basic cyclotron design to deal with this problem. One approach is to gradually change the rate at which the electrical field alternates between the dees. The goal here is to have the sign change occur at exactly the moment that particles have reached a certain point within the dees.

How do abrasives work? Abrasion most frequently results from scratching a surface. As a general rule, a substance is only seriously scratched by a material that is harder than itself. This is GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE 3 TLFeBOOK Abscess the basis for the Mohs scale of hardness (see Table 2) in which materials are ranked according to their ability to scratch materials of lesser hardness. Abrasives are therefore usually considered to be refractory materials with hardness values ranging from 6 to 10 on the Mohs scale that can be used to reduce, smooth, clean, or polish the surfaces of other, less hard substances such as metal, glass, plastic, stone, or wood.

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