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Alloy Nominal composition Iron Nickel Permalloy Permendur Super Permendur Perminvar Vicalloy 50% Ni, 50% Fe 50% Co, 50% Fe 49% Co, 2% V, Balance Fe 25% Co, 45% Ni, Balance Fe 52% Co, 10% V, Balance Fe Fig. 1. Under symmetric drive, core switching occurs first but the process continues until the shell also switches. At A the saturating field has oriented core and shell in the same direction. At B the core has switched and at C, as field strength increases in the opposite direction, the shell also switches.

Wiegand wires of Vicalloy exhibit shell and core coercive forces of 65 Oe and 15 Oe respectively. The alloys employed to date have been commercially available compositions. Work is now underway to develop optimal alloy compositions specifically for use in Wiegand effect devices. Table I lists the nominal compositions of the materials previously investigated. Magnetic Field Materials In many applications, the Wiegand effect is employed to create single or multiple voltage pulses in response to relative motion available between Wiegand wires and permanent magnet elements to provide the necessary external field configuration.

0 Flat diaphragm will provide linear results where deflection is not greater than half the diaphragm’s thickness. 0 Corrugated diaphragms will provide linear results where deflection is <2% of the diaphragm’s diameter. 0 Capsules (simplified) will provide linear results when their displacement is not greater than five times their compressed length. Sufficient literature is available for more thorough design considerations and should be consulted. Simplified displacement equations for flat diaphragms and capsules are shown in Fig.

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