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Shepherding Movement (Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement)

A fascinating heritage of the Shepherding flow, an influential and arguable expression of the charismatic renewal within the Seventies and Eighties. This neopentecostal stream, led by means of well known Bible academics Ern Baxter, Don Basham, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince a

The New Testament and the Apostolic Fathers: 2-Volume Set

The two-volume paintings the recent testomony and the Apostolic Fathers bargains a comparative examine of 2 collections of early Christian texts: the recent testomony; and the texts, from instantly after the recent testomony interval, that are conventionally often called the Apostolic Fathers. the 1st quantity, The Reception of the hot testomony within the Apostolic Fathers, provides a accomplished and rigorous dialogue of the level to which the writings later incorporated within the New testomony have been identified to and utilized by all the Apostolic Fathers.

Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma

In Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma Roukema investigates and assesses a number of the perspectives of Jesus in early Christianity, basing his process on a contrast among old and theological statements approximately Jesus. ancient statements could be arrived at via a serious examine of the earliest files, even if Roukema acknowledges that students fluctuate largely right here.

The Making and Unmaking of a Saint. Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac

A crusader, a hermit, a bishop, a deadly disease sufferer, or even a repentant assassin via turns: the tales connected to Saint Gerald of Aurillac provide an odd and fragmented legacy. His earliest biographies, written within the early 10th and early 11th centuries, depicted the saint as a warrior who dedicated his existence to pious provider.

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Pagans a doctrine of immortality sense the figure of the child-goddess Psyche had and in that of ; was without misgiving So with the figure of Hermes Kriophoros, Hermes the Eam-Bearer, who is the true original of the Christian conception of the Good Shepherd, in art and in thought, though a figure of Apollo in the same capacity may have been the medium of conveyance. Orpheus was assimilated in the same fashion; and when art began to be carved on early Christian tombs. applied to the needs of the new cult, Jesus was figured as a beardless youth, like the popular commonly deities of the Pagans in general.

As the dispersed Jewish race multiplied abroad after the fall of the Temple, it is probable that under the upper grade of twelve there was created a body of seventy-two collectors, who answered to the traditional number of " the nations " in Jewish lore. Such a body is the probable basis for the admittedly mythical " seventy " or " seventy- two " of At this stage the twelve appear to have exercised chiefly teaching and regulative functions, for it is the third gospel. clear that the quasi-Christian document.

But they too had their Christ-myth and the conception of the Holy Spirit as a dove came from them to the Christians. Seeking to found finally on the Old Testament, the scripture-makers of the latter movement had to explain away their Samaritan antecedents by myths of as ; ; heresy. Acts as a whole, however, stands for an ecclesiastical tendency in the second century to make out that the first apostles had not been divided; that Peter too was a preacher of Gentile Christism, to which he had been converted The book by a vision ; of and that Paul, in turn, had made concessions to [part PEIMITIVE CHEISTIANITY 30 i Judaism.

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