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Play or Prey?• assault techniques for every uniquespecies• information on guns, instruments, skills, and kit• whole walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complex guidelines for veteran avid gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality advice

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Turn left and walk until the floor collapses, dropping you to Level 2. <45> Prima’s Official Strategy Guide Level 2 (Ramp) ൸ Follow the corridor as it turns right, then open the first door on the right. Cross the room, keeping an eye out for a Medikit on the floor. ൸ Open the door at the far end of the room and exit. Follow the corridor to the overturned desk. Continue around the corner, and open the first door on the left. ”) ൸ Grab the Armor pickup, read the disturbing PDA memo on the desk, then drop down the hole in the floor so you land on the crate one level below.

His next order is to find the nearest security office and restore the defense grid for the bay. ൸ Before you go, raid the Ammo Box next to McCain. This equips you with a Grenade Launcher. Fig. 5-7. Commander McCain appreciates your work, but a Marine’s job is never done. Fig. 5-8. Head into the open garage with the APC vehicle inside. CHAPTER 5: MARINE MISSIONS Fig. 5-6. Johnson acknowledges that the beacon has been activated. Objective: Locate the Security Station and Activate Automatic Defenses ൸Turn left and enter the open garage at the end of the landing bay.

And letting all hell break loose. ൸ Immediately arm yourself (we recommend the Shotgun). A ceiling panel falls, and an Alien drops from above. Blast it! Fig. 5-10. Take a closer look at one of the locals. Aliens love to ambush unsuspecting Marines from behind crates. CHAPTER 5: MARINE MISSIONS Defense Control Room Fig. 5-11. After you activate the defense grid, crouch and duck into this nearby open vent. Objective: Return to the Landing Bay Defense Control Room ൸ Walk to the vent in the corner of the room.

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