By Jakob Reichel, Vladan Vuletic

This stimulating dialogue of a quickly constructing box is split into elements. the 1st positive factors tutorials in textbook type delivering self-contained introductions to a few of the parts appropriate to atom chip examine. half II comprises examine stories that offer an built-in account of the present country in an lively sector of study the place atom chips are hired, and discover attainable routes of destiny growth. looking on the topic, the size of the assessment and the relative weight of the 'review' and 'outlook' components fluctuate, because the authors comprise their very own own view and magnificence of their money owed.

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5 G for lithium. 2 kG (thick Nd-Fe-B magnets) is 24 μeV (280 mK). A magnetic mirror may be turned into a spatial diffraction grating, or a diffractive beam splitter, for slowly moving atoms by applying a uniform bias field B 1z (or B1y ) [3, 57]. For distances z a/4π above the array, the components of the magnetic field are given by expressions similar to Eq. 2) but with the addition of B1z to the right-hand side of the B z component. The magnitude of the magnetic field is then given by jB(y, z)j 2 B1z C 2B1z B0 e kz cos k y C B02 e 2k z Á1/2 .

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