By Alain René Le Sage

30 необыкновенных проектов дамских сумочек в различных техниках
с применением разных материалов (в основном бисер, бусины).
Изобретательность и красота не поддаются описанию.

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Best fashion books

Esquire [UK] (February 2011)

Esquire united kingdom is the World's so much Upmarket Men's journal. each month Esquire covers a various variety of issues from tune to politics, well-being to type, way of life the best way to inspiring positive aspects and, after all, appealing ladies. Esquire's background of top-class writing and caliber journalism, mixed with A-list famous person insurance and nice images offers the readers an informing and unique package deal each month.

Vogue Paris [FR], Issue 956 (April 2015)

Style, c’est le journal des tendances de ce qui fait l. a. mode des femmes. Le journal qui réinvente de manière stylish, élégante créative, passionnée, extraordinaire les tendances d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Color Forecasting for Fashion (Portfolio Skills)

Colour is a robust promoting instrument. it's the very first thing to capture the consumer's eye within the store window. Get the colour selection flawed and a whole variety can remain at the racks. So, how do shades arrive at the runway or the revenues ground and why do diverse businesses all appear to select comparable colours each one season?

Fall and Winter 1890-91 Fashion Catalogue

Каталог модной одежды для леди и джентельменов.

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Htm A history of textiles. html Bissonnette on Costume Time Search: the Nineteenth Century. htm Has a huge and useful range of links. html Costume page: ethnic and folk costume links. htm Regency and Empire clothing links. html The Regency Fashion Page.

Skirts were made from coconut palm fronds, pandanus, and 58 The Maori people of New Zealand were of Polynesian descent. They wove many different fibrous plants to make cloth, including harakeke, a local flax-like plant, stripping out the fiber from the stem with a shell. Warriors wore white feathers in their topknots and tattooed their faces in intricate, swirling patterns. In the 1800s, an increasing number of European whalers, outlaws, seafarers, and traders settled in New Zealand. The British declared the islands part of their empire in 1840, and settlers poured in to farm sheep and mine gold.

In the Arab lands controlled by the Ottoman Turks, traditional dress remained as it was since the Middle Ages, suited to the hot climate and Muslim dress codes which emphasized modesty. Women wore ankle-length dresses and, in most regions, a veil. Persian Dancers Many ancient Persian (Iranian) dance traditions were lost over the ages because of foreign invasion and Muslim codes of modesty. However, dance did thrive at the royal court in the nineteenth century, when Persia was ruled by the Qajar dynasty.

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