By John Lee Brook

For the 1st time, ex-convict John Lee Brook matters the Aryan Brotherhood to a devastating exposé, revealing how the infamous white supremacist criminal gang has develop into probably the main robust felony association in the United States, an success even more awesome on the grounds that nearly all of its individuals stay at the back of bars, and its notorious Commission—the folkloric threesome, Thomas 'Terrible Tom' Silverstein, Tyler 'the Hulk' Bingham and Barry 'the Baron' Mills—are stored in maximum-security solitary confinement, because the US govt makes an open attempt to subdue the association whatsoever worthy. regardless of those efforts, the Aryan Brotherhood maintains to thrive, and Blood In, Blood Out demonstrates how a mix of Machiavelli, Nietzsche, meditation, mystery codes, brutal violence and sheer will let its buried puppet masters to proceed to drag on the strings of a company on the leading edge of the black marketplace exchange in medications, hands and money...

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The robbery was brutal and fast; the crew was in and out within three minutes. They hoped to get $2 to $3 million cash, but only got away with $21,000. The role Barry Mills played in the robbery came out when the gang was caught and tried. Somebody made a deal with the prosecutor and snitched. Barry Mills was sentenced to twenty years in federal prison. Transported to the United States penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, Mills began doing his time. Only to Mills it wasn’t doing time, it was living.

His cardinal rule was Never Hurt Anyone. Armed robbery was a serious offense, and robbing banks was a federal offense, which meant the FBI got in on it. But armed robbery with assault was something else—if they caught you, they tossed you in prison and threw away the key. His other rule was that if the situation didn’t look good, or if things started to unravel in the middle of the robbery, he walked away. Hysteria was not healthy. That’s when things went sour. Somebody would do something unexpected.

The Sonoma County Jail was nicer than the one in Ventura. In the Sonoma Jail they fed you three times a day, and put you in your own cell. The court assigned Barry a public defender, who advised him to plead guilty and ask for probation. “Since it’s your first offense, the court’ll go easy on you,” said the public defender. Barry thought that sounded good and so pleaded guilty. The judge denied probation and sentenced him to one year in the Sonoma County Jail. It was the last time Barry would ever listen to an asshole public defender.

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