By Woolf, Virginia; Ruhl, Sarah; Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich

Variations of 2 vintage works during the specific lens of playwright Sarah Ruhl.

summary: variations of 2 vintage works in the course of the targeted lens of playwright Sarah Ruhl

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Enter Andrei. olga This is my brother, Andrei. vershinin Vershinin. andrei Nice to meet you. (Wipes his face) You’re the new battery commander? olga He ’s from Moscow! andrei Oh? Well, congratulations, now my sisters won’t leave you alone. vershinin I think I’ve already bored your sisters. irina Look at this picture frame Andrei gave me today for my birthday! He made it himself. Pulling it out. 32   vershinin (Looking at frame and not knowing what to say) Oh—yes—what a thing— irina And this one on the piano, he made that too.

Ferapont enters, wearing an old coat and a scarf around his ears. andrei Hello, old friend. What can you tell me? ferapont The Chairman sent you a book and some papers. Here. Gives him the books and papers. andrei Thanks. Good. But why didn’t you come earlier? It’s almost nine o’clock. ferapont What? andrei (Loud) I said, why so late? It’s almost nine! 49   ferapont True enough, sir. It was still light out when I came to find you, but they wouldn’t let me in. “The master’s busy,” they said.

I remember. vershinin I knew your mother. chebutykin A good woman, God bless her soul. irina Mama is buried in Moscow. olga In Novodevichy cemetery. masha Imagine, I’m already beginning to forget her face. One day no one will remember us either. We ’ll be forgotten too. vershinin True. We ’ll be forgotten. That’s life, there ’s no getting around it. Our projects, our obsessions—serious, big, important—a time will come when they won’t be important anymore. Pause. And you can’t guess what will be considered vast and important, and what will be considered small and ridiculous.

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