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1) where k is a constant, T is absolute temperature and M is the molecular weight of the gas. Eqn. 1 shows that temperature in a gas may be inferred from a measurement of the velocity of sound in the gas. To measure the temperature inside a large high-temperature furnace, sound pulses are emitted into the furnace interior from a transmitter and they are received by several acoustic sensors located at different positions. The time-of-flight information allows both mean temperature and temperature distribution to be determined.

P. (1982): 'Thermoelectric thermometry: A functional model' in SCHOOLEY, J. F. ): 'Temperature: its measurement and control in science and industry' Vol. 1 Principles The electrical resistance of almost every material varies with temperature. The resistance of metal conductors generally increases with temperature in a repeatable manner, but at a low sensitivity. Measuring sensors exploiting this phenomenon to measure temperature are called resistance thermometers. The resistance of semiconductor materials with temperature varies in a more complex manner - usually, but not always, resistance falls with rising temperature.

7 Noise thermometry This uses the principle that thermally generated noise in a resistor generates an EMF that can be measured and related to temperature. Noise thermometry yields absolute temperatures on the thermodynamic scale, and hence a sufficiently accurate device could form a primary standard. Accuracies of 0-1 % in temperature measurements up to 1000°C are reported. 8 Mossbauer thermometry This uses the principle that the width of lines in the spectrum of gamma emission is temperature dependent.

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