By Shannon Kalvar

The unfastened businesses is an entire colour sourcebook for Conan the Roleplaying video game. Detailing the mercenaries and warriors of Hyboria, this sourcebook information at size what it potential to be a mercenary in Conan's global. Written via seriously acclaimed gaming writer, Shannon Kalvar, unfastened businesses is sure to be essentially the most well known additions to Conan the Roleplaying online game. mix this with the 128-page complete color layout and the publication has 'winner' written in every single place it.

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MC: 8 Khitan Archers (Conscripts) Khitai maintains a vast horde of barely trained archers. These men use bows better suited for hunting that the rage of war. These men are recruited from the peasant class, thrust into armour and forbidden to see their families or return to their homes for four years. During this time they eke out a miserable existence on the frontier, stopping only occasionally to fight against highly skilled nomads. Khitan archers use their bows until the opponent closes. Then they sling their shields from their backs and set to with broadswords.

However, until the Nemedian kings can come up with a better replacement, the crossbowmen will continue to get royal support. Allegiances: Nemedia, King Tarascus, unit commander, individual lords and ladies of Nemedia. Identification: Scarlet dragon on a gold field if fighting for the king of Nemedia, otherwise they use the individual heraldry emblems of whichever lord they serve. Numbers: Nemedia’s king can call up 17 units of crossbowmen. Most of these are stationed on the Aquilonia border, but six are available for immediate deployment anywhere in the country.

Identification: Shemite mercenaries utilise symbols representing the Shemite tribe they originated from. Green and gold fields are common in Shemite heraldry, representing the dual nature of Shem: the meadows and the desert. The truth, though, is that the sorcerer-priests of this dangerous land protect it with spells and alchemical concoctions. An invading army will not fall under the spears of the Kushites or the arrows of its charioteers; instead it will die of plagues pulled from long-forgotten tombs and fire that burns in water.

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