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JUNE 2015 | COSMOPOLITAN 37 COSMO | #RealTalk ‘Coloured people are hilarious. I can say so because I am one. Maybe that’s a dangerous statement to make. After all, of the many ways to suck as a person, buying into stereotypes is probably the number-one worst, right? Think of how you cringe when you read some idiot’s racial slur on Twitter, or when a comedian takes a joke about Jews a tad too far. Yet what is ‘intolerance’, really? I’m not exactly sure – but I do know what it’s not: I’m going to say that it’s not harmless humour about cultural stereotypes.

GET IT ‘I started as a production assistant, became a food and beauty stylist, and did fashion styling and art direction. ’ GET IT ‘A er almost 15 years in magazines as a fashion editor then a beauty director, I was well equipped to start my blog. I’d developed an eye for detail and a writing style. To get into blogging or magazines, do a short writing course. ’ ➯ ‘Be punctual. ’ practising. That’s my advice: assist whenever you can and challenge yourself. Do makeovers, do weddings, do “real” people.

Cooking Cover pots and pans to keep in heat, and use ones the same size as the stove plates to stop heat waste, advises Eskom. Turn off the oven a little before a dish is finished and leave it to cook in the residual heat. htm). sWitching oFF Always switch off lights in unoccupied rooms, and turn off all appliances with the power button or at the wall. TVs, DVD players, iPads and cellphones left on stand-by still draw up to 50% of the power they normally use, reports Eskom. interMeDiate NOW TAKE IT UP A NOTCH!

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