By Sor-Hoon Tan, John Whalen-Bridge

Explores the importance of Dewey's concept on democracy for the modern global.

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Dewey strongly opposes any monistic approaches that attempt to isolate any one element of culture as the predominant cause so that other factors are secondary and derived effects. 74). Politics, like other elements of the cultural complex, is both cause and effect of other elements therein. While culturalist explanations of politics tend to contrast culture with other possible explanans, for example economic factors, as mutually exclusive alternatives, the analysis of the interaction between economics and politics is the focus of Dewey’s clarification of the cultural problem of freedom.

When approached intelligently, the past has much of value. 11. 573). 340). 356). This transmission is not mere repetition or imitation but the entry of tradition into our minds as an active element in the process of thinking.

This is a complex statement, some of which seems to me to work, and some of which does not. ” Mouffe is, I think, right to criticize the attempts of the heirs of the European Enlightenment—the Enlightenment of Kant and the French philosophes—to achieve results based on unconditional universality and rationality. But it is important to recall that there was also an Enlightenment in Britain that took a very different direction and that furnishes very different models for understanding the genesis of political norms.

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