By B. Petric

An research of the transnationalization of politics in numerous societies involved by way of courses of democracy promoting, the individuals to this e-book search to appreciate how those new worldwide norms and courses create sorts of appropriation and resistance on the neighborhood point.

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An ethnography of their practices and their integration into multiple networks (national and transnational) will highlight the processes through which these new institutional actors reinterpret international norms of public integrity, engage in national political fields, struggle to win some of the financial godsend of the anticorruption industry, and undoubtedly contribute to redefining relations between citizens and public powers in Africa. I avoid a utilitarian reading according to which these actors would simply represent new strategies for harnessing international resources.

As a recent work noted, “Such is the diversity of Senegalese civil society that it is difficult to represent it properly. Actors in the NGO sector tend to be preoccupied by their representativeness and legitimacy, and many NGOs seek to take control Glocal Integrity 37 of federative processes and organisations at the expense of achieving common goals. Of these, CONGAD, Civil Forum, and FONGS claim to represent the entire NGO sector” (Hermier, 2004: 4). This little group belongs to the intellectual and leading elite, cut off from a society that is feebly literate, and concerned with problems of daily survival.

Thanks to a network of sympathizers and informers within the state, built over the course of training programs and professional 38 Giorgio Blundo careers, the Civil Forum succeeds in being in touch with the bedrock of daily management of the Senegalese state. Its coordinator is thus often considered as the political adviser by the embassies of Western countries as well as by representatives of USAID or the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The process of professionalization that is characteristic of NGOs has remained limited for the Civil Forum, which counts only three permanent employees.

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