By Tamio Nakamura

Plenty has been written in regards to the political and low cost facets of regionalism, however the felony standpoint has been neglected. East Asian Regionalism From a criminal Perspective is precise in synthesizing felony, fiscal and political analyses.

In the 1st half, the booklet investigates the present positive aspects of regionalism from a comparative standpoint, monetary and foreign money cooperation and evaluating Asian regionalism with Europe and Latin the United States. within the moment half, the members move directly to examine the current criminal positive aspects of regionalism, masking institutional frameworks, alternate variety and neighborhood integration.

The 3rd a part of the publication is actually designated in providing a necessary basis for the institutionalisation of an East Asian neighborhood. It conceives a draft East Asian constitution, a vital record that distils what East Asian international locations have completed, and in addition contains critical rules and basic principles for destiny cooperation between international locations and peoples within the region.

This ebook might be of curiosity to graduates and lecturers attracted to regionalism, diplomacy, overseas legislation and Asian studies.

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The former Secretary-General of ASEAN Secretariat, Rodolfo C. Severino stated the following: At the ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh on 4 November 2002, Prime M­inister Goh Chok Tong of Singapore had proposed that the next stage in regional economic integration be named the ASEAN Economic Community. He and a few other ASEAN leaders were deeply concerned over the weakened ability of the ASEAN countries to attract foreign direct investment, on which all of them depended for sustained economic growth. This development was a consequence of the changes wrought by the Asian financial crisis in investors’ perceptions of Southeast Asia’s economic prospects.

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