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T - coet'. UI O POttll"'. n,lon r - Po ••l' .... lon In olrcular rlngl Rectangular load rind ltase. , Trlangutar load Hinged b••e, fre. top •. 1J4 U l!. 239 . 0 ~~ -, Po,itj\ll "0" j"dlul.. 1111110" £i ,. 0 .. 22. 21 0,01 .... 04 .. 87 .. 10 .. 7S .. lI .. 10 .. 22 .. lt .. l1 .. " .. 1l .. ~2 .. 82. 11 .. '2. 10 .. Whlll thl. bl. i. d It Ilielop.... hlle Ihe lop I. hl"OIMt. 011 II the lOp. llI.... ou, rd rotatlo" At that e"o •• i. Il'Ie bollo'" of Ih .. ~'" '. ntl In cyllndrlc:a. 1I Te!..

Moments In cylindrical wall Momont/ M • M, applied at l;Jaao Hlngod baae, fre~ top . Mom. ~II. ):! OUO'! 0011 _OIW/'1 0007 002:! -411 LO:~/~ .. 1(,. . OG. n..... 0"1l .. )87 .. ",III. h'l .. 0ll it. '" a"plleu al ;Ill lulQIt it "u.. t ..... "1). 1foloillon e' Il\ill (IlJ·]O. l). «Pm"' .... u;. L~~~. ". ~.!!... 1 ,lIl1molll,. "',. 071 I ..... '" 1 .... "t4r tupport Uniform load F'hrnd edge

73 then choose a convenient profile for the wall. value of ( n ) a vertical line to meet the projection line for interpolation in a point - a -; through - a - draw a·horizontal line to meet the maxima curve in - b -. This last point - b ­ gives the apex of the distribution curve i f the wall were rectan­ gular. For trapezoidal walls, linear interpolation is sufficient. Having drawn the load distribution curve, the ring tension in eve­ ry section can be determined from the relation : T c: Co P R 4) To draw the bending moment diagram, it is recommended to determi­ " "'f=- from equation 35, namely: ~ ne the maximum fixing moment 2 wR t 2 12R • 2n(n ­ 1) , In the same way·as given under (3) determine the apex of positive part of the bending moment diagram for a rectangular the wall.

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