By Kerry Walters

Provides a finished review of 10 significant slave revolts and examines how these uprisings and conspiracies impacted slaveholding colonies and states from 1663 to 1861.

  • Offers an outline of yankee slave revolts and conspiracies to revolt
  • Explores the context of continual worry of rebellion in slaveholding colonies and states in North the United States from 1663 to 1861
  • Offers money owed gleaned from basic assets relating to slave leaders and their lieutenants, and of the rigors that condemned them
  • Describes the weather of worry within which slaveholding whites lived, in addition to a few of the social practices and criminal statutes they enacted to lessen the chance of slave revolt
  • Includes a story, fundamental fabrics, biographics, a chronology, and an annotated bibliography―all of as a way to be invaluable to scholars writing papers at the topic

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George admits that even though he asked, none of his older relatives knew exactly how it came to pass that slaves went on a rampage on that September night in 1739. But he was convinced that his ancestor was motivated by a desire for freedom and remarks that the literate Cato had often forged passes for his fellow slaves. ” Then the elder Cato, and his 43 companions, were hanged, although there is no contemporary record of Cato’s execution. ”30 NOTES 1. “Report of the Committee Appointed to Enquire into the Causes of the Disappointment of Success in the Late Expedition against St.

14 Terrible and occasionally terrifying to whites as slaves were, the insurrections really should not have come as surprises. 17 18 AMERICAN SLAVE REVOLTS AND CONSPIRACIES NOTES 1. The Liberator, September 3, 1831. 2. Ibid. 3. Herbert Aptheker, American Negro Slave Revolts, 50th anniversary edition (New York: International Publishers, 1993). 4. Junius S. ), “Introduction,” in Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellion, vol. 1 (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2007), xli. 5. In his Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion (New York: Humanities Press, 1966), for example, Herbert Aptheker writes, “The aim of an insurrection is not revolutionary; the aim of a rebellion is.

33 34 AMERICAN SLAVE REVOLTS AND CONSPIRACIES 9. “Account of the Negroe Insurrection,” in Smith, 14. 10. Ibid. 11. John K. Thornton, “African Dimensions of the Stono Rebellion,” American Historical Review 96 (October 1991), 1112. 12. Quoted in Hoffer, Cry Liberty, 113. 13. “A Letter from South Carolina, September 28, 1739,” Boston Gazette, October 29–November 5 issue. 14. “A Ranger Details,” in Smith, 7–8. 15. “Account of the Negroe Insurrection,” in Smith, 15. 16. “A Ranger Details,” in Smith, 8.

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