By John W Nesbitt

In honouring the reminiscence of Nicolas Oikonomides the individuals provide a gaggle of Greek texts and translations which replicate the huge pursuits of Byzantine authors and the various genres to which they committed their abilities. inside its pages one reveals an ekphrasis of Christopher of Mitylene, army speeches of Constantine VII, letters of Michael Psellos, an ancient narrative concerning Empress Helena and the discovering of the pass, educating texts, and a long handbook, followed by way of a reprint of the unique Brill Greek textual content, on withstanding a siege.

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Rather, he is offering a verse prayer to the school’s patron, Saint Paul. Although he implores Saint Paul to present his plea to the patriarch, the flattering references to the Prodromos, “Monodie” 9. Prodromos, “Monodie” 9. See also Criscuolo (1975) 378-79 and 387 note 37. 27 ODB 624. 28 Prodromos, “Eisiterios” (PG, 133, cols. 1268-74) not only mentions Alexios Aristenos as holding the office of nomophylax and orphanotrophos, but the speech stresses Aristenos’ role as magistrate. 151. 25 26 TIMOTHY S.

Theodoret, Kirchengeschichte, p. 12-17. 36 JOHN W. NESBITT Gelasius of Caesarea (reconstruction): Helena builds a church at the findspot of the cross. She searches for the nails and finding them she has several inserted into Constantine’s helmet, and others are smelted and mixed with metal of his bridle. She returns with a portion of the cross for Constantine, but leaves behind the remainder, which is placed in a silver casket and given to Makarios. Rufinus: Helena has a church built at the site of the discovery of the cross.

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