By Martin Strohmeier

This paintings covers the discourse on Kurdishness and the advance of the Kurdish nationwide move from its inception on the finish of the nineteenth century to the overdue Thirties. It examines the efforts of aspiring Kurdish leaders to "awaken" their fellow Kurds to the need of the Kurdish reason.

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Bakr tricks Mem into disclosing his love for Zìn, which seems to corroborate Bakr’s conspiracy theory. The emir, enraged, has Mem taken to prison and placed in chains. The suffering of the two lovers begins. They will not be reunited until shortly before their deaths. Deprived of their rightful partners, Mem and Zìn gradually waste away, but through suffering their love is transformed into a mysti­ cal quest for pure spiritual love. Their desire to be united becomes 29 Bedirxan had been the emir of Botan.

31 Meanwhile, Mem’s friends and Zìn’s sister wait helplessly for the emir to have a change of heart. 32 But one last time they ask for Mem’s freedom, this time threatening to take matters into their own hands if he is not released. The emir, fearing an uprising, leads them to believe he will fulfill their demands when in fact Bakr has persuaded him to kill Mem. But when the emir visits his sister, intending to use her in his plot to do away with Mem, he finds her bedridden. Shocked at her condition, he realizes the suffering he has caused and is filled with remorse over betray­ ing his sister and Mem.

1 The first three issues were published in Kurdish, but, beginning with the fourth issue, there were articles in Turkish. This shift reflected a crucial dilemma of the Kurds. The defining characteristic of the Kurds as opposed to other groups was language, but their language was rarely printed or taught and was not standardized. 2 The news­ paper was to be distributed free in Kurdistan. While we might assume that many of the illiterate Kurds would have had access to a news­ paper reader in the village café, it remains a matter of conjecture how many literate Kurds would have been able or motivated to 1 No.

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