By Ronald S. Adler PhD MD, Carolyn M. Sofka MD, Rock G. Positano DPM MSc MPH

Prepared via top specialists in musculoskeletal ultrasound and a widely known podiatrist, this atlas is an entire consultant to using ultrasound within the analysis of foot and ankle problems. greater than one hundred sixty illustrations demonstrate either basic ultrasound anatomy and numerous universal (and a few unusual) pathologic states.

For each one sector of the foot and ankle, the atlas exhibits common ultrasound anatomy and appearances of particular issues. The authors evaluate the application of ultrasound and MRI, quite in detecting smooth tissue accidents and international our bodies. A bankruptcy on ultrasound-guided healing injections and diagnostic aspirations is usually included.

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In part B, one can better appreciate the extent of this abnormality (arrows) as the tendon passes over the medial malleolus (MM). 58 FIG. 4-17. Transverse (A) and longitudinal (B) images of the posterior tibial tendon showing a full-thickness longitudinal split tear. This appears as an obliquely oriented hypoechoic defect within the tendon substance 59 60 (arrows). The length of the tear is appreciated on the long axis view (B). 59 FIG. 4-18. Transverse (A) and longitudinal (B) ultrasound images of the posterior tibial tendon demonstrating fluid surrounding the tendon, consistent with a tendon sheath effusion.

Subtle areas of tendinosis are best appreciated in short axis as illustrated in this image of the peroneal tendons (labeled), which was obtained at the level of the calcaneofibular ligament (cfl). The peroneus brevis (pb) is mildly inhomogeneous, and the peroneus longus (pl) contains thin intrasubstance hypoechoic clefts. The calcaneus (calc) is indicated. 54 55 56 FIG. 4-12. The tendons should be followed using a systematic approach in short axis from origin to insertion. These images represent short axis views of the peroneal tendons, (A) above the lateral sulcus, (B) at the lateral sulcus, (C) at the level of the calcaneofibular ligament, and, (D) at the peroneal tubercle (arrow) of the calcaneus.

Positano, Rock G. Title: Atlas of Foot and Ankle Sonography, 1st Edition Copyright ©2004 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins > Table of Contents > 4 - Tendons and Ligaments about the Ankle 4 Tendons and Ligaments about the Ankle Tendons crossing the ankle can be divided into three compartments: the lateral compartment (peroneus brevis and longus), the anterior compartment (tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus), and the medial compartment (posterior tibial tendon, flexor digitorum longus, and flexor hallucis longus).

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